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Event: Victor Khosla, Founder & Chief Investment Officer of SVPGlobal to Speak at the 2017 Fiduciary Investors Symposium on October 3

October 3, 2017 – Cambridge, MA

Victor Khosla, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of SVPGlobal, is scheduled to participate in a panel discussion at the 2017 Fiduciary Investors Symposium on October 3, 2017 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (“MIT”).

Session: Where Next for Credit?

“Following the volatility of early 2016, the global credit markets have returned to full strength, powering through myriad geopolitical concerns. High-yield, distressed debt and direct lending have all performed during this period. The world is embracing synchronized economic growth for the first time in a long while. At the same time, we see dramatic changes in the political landscape, both in Europe and the US, that could have profound effects on the credit markets. This session will look at how different forces might affect these markets and what it might mean for opportunities using different credit strategies.”

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