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  • WPG Successfully Completes Transformational Portfolio Refinance

    WPG (the “Company”), formerly Washington Prime Group, a national leader in the ownership

  • PR Newswire: SVP to acquire APCOA Parking Holdings

    SVP-managed funds have entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of APCOA, Europe's leading parking infrastructure operator.

  • Victor Khosla on Bloomberg Markets: The Close

    Victor Khosla discusses where he is spotting opportunities in the credit cycle.

  • CNBC TV: SVP ‘never been busier in a market so serene’

    Victor Khosla talks about the issues facing deals done in the zero-interest-rate era and the recession in manufacturing.

  • Forbes: SVP sees opportunity in CRE repricing

    Speaking at the Forbes Iconoclast Summit, Victor Khosla identifies opportunities in commercial real estate during a unique credit cycle.

  • Institutional Investor: ‘credit now a full-contact sport'

    SVP founder & CIO Victor Khosla discusses restructurings as private credit markets face a recession.

  • Reuters: Distress is here to stay, says SVP

    Victor Khosla explains how a new distressed debt cycle has been ushered in by rising rates and the ensuing banking turmoil.

  • Bloomberg TV: Higher-rate environment makes world ‘foggy’

    Victor Khosla, SVP founder & CIO, outlines the headwinds created by ‘higher for longer’ interest rates to combat inflation.

  • SVP Market Update: Tough Times Ahead

    In this whitepaper, Victor Khosla shares a reflection on the 2022 markets and examines the path forward for 2023.